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There’s no denying the importance of friendship. After all, it allows us to see and enjoy the world from a different perspective. From new music and food our best buddies have introduced us to, to experiences that we may have otherwise never known.
Everybody knows that laughing feels good, but few realise how valuable it can be in improving our everyday wellness and wellbeing. Laughter cannot solve anything, but it can help to heal and dissolve everything. That’s what World Laughter Day is for! It’s a day where people can relieve some stress and laugh. 
As Young As You Feel Day is on March 22 every year and reiterates that age really is just a number. Every single person gets to celebrate this day and their youthfulness. It is all about believing that you are as young as you feel, your actual age does not matter, it is merely but a number.

Everyone has a story and today, National Write Your Story Day challenges you to tell yours. You may think there’s nothing in your life to tell but it will surprise you once you put pen to paper, or fingers to the keyboard and the words start filling the pages.

Words have a way of triggering memories. They form a moment in time, and before you know it, there’s a story flowing from your fingertips.

Mental health struggles are unfortunately common in teens, making up 16% of disease and injuries in people aged 10 to 19. Mental health issues start from around 14 years of age and often go undiagnosed and untreated. Suicide and depression are some of the leading causes of death among teens worldwide and can even lead to other struggles such as substance abuse in later years.

Share a smile day encourages us to do just that. Today is the time to get ready for more magic in your life as you share your smile with the world!  It’s contagious (in a good way!), and it’s free!
Few people think to send greetings through the post anymore. It’s so easy to say ‘Hi’ through social media that even the idea of sending an email, let alone putting pen to paper seems archaic and time consuming. But isn’t it a magical feeling, discovering an unexpected hand-written letter sitting in your mailbox or on your doormat?
That word. Cancer. A word that we all know, have dealt with, are dealing with, or at least know someone who is. I lost my Mam over 20 years ago to that word.
We all know that sending a card is a thoughtful gesture.  We know it makes the receiver smile when they get a card through in the mailbox, to think that someone has taken the time to choose and write a thoughtful note just for them. Plus, it makes us, the sender smile too knowing we’re going to brighten someone’s day.
Open up your heart… and your arms! Today is National Hugging Day! Hugging is one of the simplest ways to show affection, it’s something we all do with our loved ones all the time, without really thinking about it!  However, it is not something that’s done enough these days!  National Hugging Day aims to encourage people to hug more!

 Jan. 16 is National Nothing Day. It’s almost an anti-holiday with the purpose being to have a day to do absolutely nothing. There is no way to celebrate the day as you’re not supposed to be doing anything

With the world the way it is right now, this pandemic has made maintaining connections to our friends and family so important, certainly during lockdown and isolation periods. 

Sending a card to a person who is self-isolating or who maybe lives alone is such a thoughtful and selfless thing to do.  Birthday cards, miss you cards, thinking of you cards will all help to make someones day brighter and add a smile to their face and their hearts. 

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