Bringing Us Closer

With the world the way it is right now, this pandemic has made maintaining connections to our friends and family so important, certainly during lockdown and isolation periods. 

Sending a card to a person who is self-isolating or who maybe lives alone is such a thoughtful and selfless thing to do.  Birthday cards, miss you cards, thinking of you cards will all help to make someones day brighter and add a smile to their face and their hearts. 

If you can’t be with your partner, how about a romantic card to remind them they’re not forgotten, and sending words of encouragement to anyone that needs it who’s struggling with the situation we’re all sharing.

We may all be missing birthdays, anniversaries and new babies being born, but sending a card when you can’t be there in person to congratulate and to hug and to hold is such a beautiful thing to do, and might just be worth the extra effort to let someone know you are thinking of them. Even just a card to say hello!  They will be so grateful of the sentiment.

Sending greeting cards, as old-fashioned as it seems, can cut through the electronic clutter and build on that emotional connection we want with our loved ones. Both sending and receiving a greeting card creates a powerful connection between people.  At times like this, particularly for those who are at home on their own, the connection of receiving a physical card is so important for happiness and mental health. 

Take a look at the collections online and chose from a huge range of cards to send to your loved ones in this time of need.  Don’t want to go to the Post Office?  Choose to include a stamp with your purchase at the checkout and all you need to do is pop it in the box. 

Each card is individually packaged by hand in a controlled environment before being dispatched to you, and no envelopes are licked!  We take pride in ensuring our products reach you in perfect, germ-free condition.

Please stay safe and remember smiles are also contagious, share them always. 

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