International Friendship Day

There’s no denying the importance of friendship. After all, it allows us to see and enjoy the world from a different perspective. From new music and food our best buddies have introduced us to, to experiences that we may have otherwise never known.

Whether it’s old friends or new, today is a day to celebrate them all. Saturday, July 30th is International Friendship Day, a day to tell your people that you appreciate them and that you’re grateful to them. A day to also remind them you are there whenever they need you.

It’s a day to hug, smile, laugh, maybe cry, remember those memories and just be thankful that you have these people in your life.  

Bring all your favourite people together this week and show them how much they mean to you by celebrating your friendship, now and always.

Take this day as an opportunity to reflect on the relationships you’ve made so far and find ways to keep establishing special bonds with new people too.

Enjoy your International Friendship Day. Be yourself and have fun.

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