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Welcome to Chasing Cards, and our first ever blog post! 

It’s been a rollercoaster of a few months, just over 2 actually since the idea of Chasing Cards finally got out of the ‘I’ll do it one day’ box where it had sat for some time, and onto the 'Done' register. 


The name Chasing Cards doesn’t really have some spectacular story of how it came about. It wasn’t some epiphany that came to me in the middle of the night that has a meaning of importance, well not to anyone except me. The epic tune Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol which took the world by storm has always been a favourite of mine, with the catchy tune and heartfelt words. ‘I don’t quite now how to say how I feel’, ‘those 3 words are said too much, but not enough’, and the idea of laying with someone and forgetting the world, something I’m sure resonates with a lot of us. Plus, it’s my self-chosen funeral song, which is now a daily reminder to live my best life and make those dreams come true.

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Chasing Cards had been an idea for a while, after I frequently found it difficult to find a card that suited my own personality and style, and in some cases, sense of humour! Yes, they were always bright, colourful, fun designs but that I felt often lacked that true ambience of what I was trying to say and the sincere emotions I was conveying. I was looking for a card that meant something in itself, even without words, for the giver and the receiver, as opposed to being the card that looked the prettiest on the shelf.

Chasing Cards Blog

For me, when sending a card, there are certain values present that speak volumes. The receiver is obviously someone you care about, or love. A partner, a family member, a friend, a work colleague, it’s a loving thing to do, with some kind of admiration or warmth from your side.  Sending a card also holds the essence of kindness. To take the time to choose, spend money, write on and maybe post or hand deliver a card to someone that is significant to you is extremely considerate. And for me, the biggest one, is thoughtfulness. Again, taking the time to send a card to someone and share your feelings with them, to wish them luck, to congratulate them, to support them, to reassure them, to let them know you’re there is reflective of you and speaks volumes about your disposition, your character, your manners and ultimately, the type of person you are.

Chasing Cards Blog

We’re all busy, there’s always something else we could be doing but taking time out to choose a card for someone special which communicates your feelings, your personality, your thoughts, and your sense of humour, which I’m sure they love you for, is such an unselfish thing to do and tells a story about the type of person you are.  Cards are like memories, if they mean something, they’ll be treasured, not just the card itself (where if you’re like me, you keep hold of the special ones), but the recollection of how that card made them feel when they received it at maybe an important stage in their life, or at a difficult time when all they needed was support.  They'll never forget your gesture. 

Chasing Cards Blog

Chasing Cards lives by these same values of kindness, thoughtfulness and fun and we portray this through the card collections and unique designs we offer. We pride ourselves on offering a selection of cards for all occasions, which we add to frequently and going that one step further to make the card itself a message, before any words have been written.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the site, we hope you enjoy your time here.

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