Make it personal

I, for one, am a massive fan of putting pen to paper, and of sending cards.  That feeling of creativity, the emotions swirling as you search your mind for the right words to share, that sense of connection, love and thoughtfulness.

Handwritten letters and cards can build relationships in a way no other communication can.  Yes, it’s no doubt quicker and cheaper to send a text or Facebook message, but there’s always a bit of magic when putting ink on paper, turning our handwriting into a physical representation of our personality and emotions, and creating double happiness for the sender and the receiver.

There are so many reasons why sending and receiving cards is important to wellbeing. As human beings, when we feel loved, cared for and wanted, we feel warm inside, boosted and happy, all is well with our world.  When we feel unloved, unappreciated and uncared for we can start to feel isolated, lonely and our self-esteem can drop, which can lead to mental and emotional instability.   Sending a card to wish someone a happy birthday, to congratulate them, to tell them you miss them or love them, to remind them you’re there for them or even just to say hello will make such a difference to those who need it.

Writing by hand can give us permission to be more emotional and express our feelings more openly. Using the power of words to write just a couple of sentences on a card you’ve personally chosen and taking the time to write and express your feelings makes a card so much more powerful than any digital message. By physically writing on a physical card, we are creating a physical connection.

The best gift we can give each other is our time, but unfortunately in the situation the world is in right now, that can’t always be the case.  This is where sending and receiving a card can mean so much. We know that when someone has taken the time to buy and send a card, they’ve made a special effort. It’s a real, tangible expression of caring, which we should all be grateful for, especially now. 

Given that we rarely write letters anymore, taking the time to send a handwritten, heartfelt card to someone you can’t spend time with will undoubtedly create a smile that will mean so much.


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