National Nothing Day... Who's in?

Jan. 16 is National Nothing Day. It’s almost an anti-holiday with the purpose being to have a day to do absolutely nothing. There is no way to celebrate the day as you’re not supposed to be doing anything!

After a crazy Christmas and new year period, and a no doubt busy January, planning and setting your goals for the year, I’m pretty sure we’re all a bit windswept!  So today, just do nothing!

I'm not actually sure what doing nothing means. Do I brush my teeth?  I’m pretty sure it’s basically no work, no chores, no stress.  Chill on the sand, deep dive into the ocean waves or into a good book, grab a coffee and take a walk in nature.  Maybe catch up on lost sleep, order takeout instead of cooking, simply sit around and talk and laugh. When was the last time you did these things?  Do what makes you feel happy and at peace.

I like celebrating. I like spending time with my friends and family on our birthdays and during the holidays.  Me time is something I hear a lot of people talk about, however I’m not really sure what that is?  If doing nothing day celebrates ‘ME’ time, then I’m in!

I’m sure everyone’s day will look different, and I guess only we can figure out what we’re not going to do today. What will you do, or not do on National Nothing Day?

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