Share A Smile Day

Share a Smile Day is March 1st, sharing the day with our Welsh St David’s Day and National Barista Day... I’m definitely smiling! 

Share a smile day encourages us to do just that.  It starts a chain reaction! You smile at them, which releases those feel-good chemicals, which are felt by the receiver, so they smile back… everyone has a pang of happiness!

Smiling doesn’t just only have emotional benefits, it leads you to feel relaxed and happy too. This in turn can reduce your blood pressure and stress levels, increase your endurance, creativity and even strengthen your immune system.

Put on your smashing smile and make someone's heart skip a beat! Send sweet and cute cards from our site to share an infectious smile with your friends, family and loved ones, and cheer them up this week!

Today is the time to get ready for more magic in your life as you share your smile with the world!  It’s contagious (in a good way!), and it’s free!

Help change the world 🌎

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