The Littlest Hearts and Hands

So often, it’s the littlest hearts and hands that have the biggest ideas, the hugest hopes, the greatest love. There are so many small ways you can help them send love and kindness into the lives of others, like teaching kids to write letters and cards, to help express themselves and spread happiness.

Few people think to send greetings through the post anymore. It’s so easy to say ‘Hi’ through social media that even the idea of sending an email, let alone putting pen to paper seems archaic and time consuming.  But isn’t it a magical feeling, discovering an unexpected hand-written letter sitting in your mailbox or on your doormat?

As we ride out these days of social distancing, sending a card is a really good way to make someone’s day a little better and this is something kids can do too. They could send a note or a drawing to someone they know, wish their family and friends a happy birthday or send a card to someone they know who is lonely just to say hello. This is also an opportunity for parents to help kids with their letter-writing skills and draw some cute pictures on the inside and on the envelope!

Sending a card is a great skill and a fun way to learn handwriting, grammar, spelling and punctuation. It gives little ones who struggle with shyness or social skills a way to practice communication without being put on the spot and gives them time to think through what they’d like to say. It’s also a screen-free way to connect with faraway family and friends, all with the loving touch of hand-drawn words and doodles.

Why don’t we do it more often? Why don’t you ask your kids to send letters or cards to their friends? It could really make someone’s day.

We all have the power to change the world…with a heartfelt message and maybe a stamp!

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