World Teen Mental Health Day

World Teen Mental Wellness Day is observed across the globe on March 2nd every year. It is a day that aims to raise awareness about the mental health issues that our teenagers are faced with. This day is about making efforts to educate everyone on the subject and de-stigmatise something that is becoming increasingly common.

Mental health struggles are unfortunately common in teens, making up 16% of disease and injuries in people aged 10 to 19. Mental health issues start from around 14 years of age and often go undiagnosed and untreated. Suicide and depression are some of the leading causes of death among teens worldwide and can even lead to other struggles such as substance abuse in later years.

World Teen Mental Wellness Day begins and carries on very important conversations about mental health. People often fail to understand what teenagers go through, and the stigma associated with mental illness can make teens reluctant to ask for help. This day encourages open conversation and awareness to help teens around the world.

Check in and talk to your teen today.

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