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Jumble Jungle: Just Bee

Welcome To The Jungle

Jumble Jungle is all about fun! A world of bright and bold colour, play and laughter and crazy Jungle animals each jumbled up showing off their own original style. 

All our Jungle animals have distinctive differences just like you and me.  They look different from their friends, they come from different areas of the Jungle, some are big some are small, some are fast some are slow, and some of them even talk different, but that’s perfectly ok, being different is awesome! 

Every one of us on earth, humans and creatures are unique and all have so much to offer the world with our individuality, and we can learn so much from one and other. You might not be the same as your friend and they might be different to you, but you can learn so many new things from each other like how to do a backwards roll, make an awesome strawberry milkshake or speak a new language!

Being different is what makes us special, makes us important, makes us unique and no one can take that away from us. We need to embrace our individuality every day and be happy with the person we are on the inside and show that to the world on the outside. 

Supporting our little ones and encouraging them to be themselves is so important to their mindset and these cards offer a fun way to remind them they can BEE anything. 

'Bee Playful'
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'Bee Playful' $6.50 AUD
'Bee Strong'
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'Bee Strong' $6.50 AUD
'Bee Kind'
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'Bee Kind' $6.50 AUD
'Bee Happy'
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'Bee Happy' $6.50 AUD
'Bee Yourself'
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'Bee Yourself' $6.50 AUD
'Bee Grateful'
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'Bee Grateful' $6.50 AUD
'Bee Nice'
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'Bee Nice' $6.50 AUD
'Bee Super'
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'Bee Super' $6.50 AUD
'Bee Brave'
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'Bee Brave' $6.50 AUD

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