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Our Mission

The culture at Chasing Cards is all about kindness, thoughtfulness, love and fun. We value the consideration that goes into choosing and sending a card and are empowered to help people smile, knowing that someone is thinking of them. We are passionate in helping to build relationships.

Our Story

I emigrated to Australia from South Wales, UK back in 2018 with my husband, son and daughter.  Chasing Cards was born as a result of my love for writing, my love for stationery, my love for greeting cards, and love for sharing smiles. 

Based in the NSW’s Northern Rivers district, Chasing Cards is inspired by living a life of fun, smiles, adventure, kindness and gratitude, offering cards for all occasions and some for no occasion at all.  Sometimes it’s nice to send a card just because, and let someone know you're thinking of them.


You'll find cards for the LGBTQI+ community, ones specifically for those awkward teenagers and children, for Step-Parents, for those who appreciate your sarcastic nature and for those who just need your support. 

All cards are designed by me and printed locally supporting other small businesses, and as the planet is kinda important to us, all cards and envelopes are recyclable.

Share your thoughts with your loved ones and let them know you’re thinking of them. 

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