My Mummy Keepsake Card

The perfect card for a special Mum!  Great for Birthday, Mother's Day or Just Because! 

Lots of fun questions for your little ones to answer about their Mum, personalising it by filling in the blanks with their funniest and cutest answers!   

Makes for a lovely keepsake!  Buy them each year and see how their answers change.... and how their portraits of Mum alter with her age! 

Great for little kids... and adults too!   We're all young at heart! 

• Mummy's name + age
• My name + age
Mummy's job is... 
Mummy's favourite hobby is...
• ... is the favourite thing to do with my Mummy
• This is a pic of my Mummy
Mummy makes me laugh when he...
Mummy is good at...
• My Mummy is... 
• My message for Mummy is inside


- Blank inside for your own personal message
- Size: 150mm x 150mm
- Recyclable 300gsm card stock
- All cards presented in cellophane sleeve
- Comes with brown recyclable kraft envelope
- Printed in Australia
- Design by Paper Hearts
- Depending on the device you are using, colours may vary slightly

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