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Stand Up Swivel Display Unit

If your order is below this amount, please email us to order your display stand.

Retail Price: $295.00

This greeting card spinner is great for displaying a large selection of Chasing Cards in one area.  The unit has 40 pockets, 10 per side in a tiered fashion to ensure the front of each item is visible. This rotating stand makes it simple to browse the selection by spinning the rack along the centre pole.

Each pocket is 80mm(h) x 160mm(w) and with a depth of 30mm meaning you won't need to constantly restock the rack. 

The stand is made from white powder coated steel for a clean look on a durable holder, great for daily usage.  The base features locking wheels, able to be easily positioned and then locked for stability. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Delivery charge for the display unit will be invoiced separately depending on your postcode.  This invoice will be emailed to you once payment for the unit is complete.  

Overall Size: 1630(H) x 450(W) x 450(D)mm
Overall Weight: 6.30kg
Pocket Size: 80(H) x 160(W) x 30(D)mm
Number of Pockets: 40
Materials: White Powder coated Steel Wire

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